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Comedy One-Acts for Charity

By Gary Bird, Christopher Durang

An evening of two absurdist comedies in aid of charity.

'Dentity Crisis, by Christopher Durang

A gleeful one-act mix of parody, satire, bananas and cross dressing about a completely dysfunctional family in which five actors contort themselves into eight different characters. Or is it nine? You count!

Metamorphosis (or Letting Nature Take Its Course), by Gary Bird

An original play by GEDS member Gary Bird, this play is a hilarious parody of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis. GEDS will be taking this play to the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS) in Munich in May 2019. This four-day event attracts competitors and audiences from throughout Europe. Over the years, GEDS has received awards in many categories, and twice has hosted the event in Geneva. Stay tuned on the GEDS website and in our newsletter for news.

All proceeds in aid of the Fondation Cap Loisirs, a Geneva-based charity offering numerous activities for the mentally disabled.

'Dentity Crisis and Metamorphosis (or Letting Nature Take Its Course)

"'Dentity Crisis" and "Metamorphosis (or Letting Nature Take Its Course)"

Le Manège, Onex
24 & 25 May, 2019